GENEATCG overview

  • geneatcg (pronounced 'genetic')
  • gen eat cg
  • Gene at CG - Computational Geometry / Computer Graphics
  • gene - ATCG.

About me

Short bio

I am a passionate designer, engineer, and scientist deeply drawn to the world of computational geometry, 3D geometry processing, and simulation. Currently, I am an R&D Engineer II at Ansys - Meshing Development Unit (MDU), where I focus on 3D computational geometry processing topics. I bring diversity and an interdisciplinary perspective to my work and life, with a Doctor of Sciences degree from ETH Zurich, a CAS in Computer Science from the same institution, an MSc in ITECH from Stuttgart University, a BArch from Tamkang University, many international R&D experiences, and lived in Sweden🇸🇪, Switzerland🇨🇭, Germany🇩🇪, and Taiwan🇹🇼. Additionally, I love swimming🏊🏼‍♂️, cooking👨🏻‍🍳, reading📚, games👾, and dogs🐶.