I am doing my PhD study at ETH Zurich. I try to document what I have been learning here in this Github repo.

Table of Contents

  1. Oh My PhD!
    1. Writings
      1. orgmode-latex-templates
    2. Coding
      1. programming notes
      2. oh-my-opengl
    3. Learning
      1. courses at ETH
      2. math foundations
      3. optimisation
      4. (discrete) differential geometry
      5. structural mechanics
    4. Time management
      1. phd-org-mode
    5. PhD Research
      1. 10 Tips for Research and a PhD
      2. Write the Paper First

Oh My PhD!

Hi Welcome to Oh My PhD! I will document some interesting and useful things I learn during my PhD study at ETH here.





My org-mode templates for latex-style writing This repo contains different templates as a starter code to write org-mode which can later be exported to latex and pdf.


programming notes

My programming related notes


My OpenGL practice


courses at ETH

math foundations

Some math resources I find it very useful online.


(discrete) differential geometry

structural mechanics

Time management


My phd orgmode to organize my scheduling. Based on this template.

PhD Research

10 Tips for Research and a PhD

Write the Paper First