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ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2015-16 Development and Implementation Demo

I was in the computational design team while designing the ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2015-16 and was mainly in charge of developing computational tools. Here is the demonstration video to show the geometrical implementation. One of the input parameters from the plugin is a mesh surface, and the output parameters are all tree data structure thus […]

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Butterfly Effect Pavilion in I-Lan Green Expo 2014

–蝶跡– Description: 蝶跡的設計啓發於蝴蝶幼蟲,生長成蝴蝶展翅瞬間的造型,以用於圍塑空間形態以及外觀紋理。在結構上也與蝴蝶翅膀振動為靈感之啓發,以最輕薄的木夾板去挑戰材料之彎曲性與結構性,進而產生動態平衡。另外在構造上運用電腦運算技術使複雜造型由416片單元組合而成,以極簡的拉鍊扣合做法連接單元與單元進而產生極複雜細部,在正反的拱肋結構演算下,整體重量平均分攤至7個底座,使整體結構輕量化。 實際走入蝶跡展示庭,空間經驗上,太陽撒入木板因彎曲曲度而刻畫的開口中,微風飄動過整體結構,結構體輕輕飄動而陽光如在樹蔭下似閃爍,就像蝴蝶翩翩起舞輕過留下痕跡一般優雅。 –pavilionButterflyEffect_Geometry– –pavilionButterflyEffect_step01 Definition– –pavilionButterflyEffect_step02 Definition– –pavilionButterflyEffect_step03 Definition– –pavilionButterflyEffect_step04 Definition– –Geometry Size Selection Filter Python Code– ### –Written by Gene Ting-Chun Kao– ### import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs ids = rs.GetObjects("select surfaces", rs.filter.polysurface) area = rs.GetInteger("selected area limits", 10, 0) rs.EnableRedraw(False) print "Results: All", len(ids), "surfaces selected." Count = 0 for i in […]

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Swarm Python Component

Description: Swarm in Grasshopper using GH_Python component. Testing swarm behaviour in Rhino is in this post: Rhino.Python Swarm Bridge ↳Press button to download For more discussion please visit my post in grasshopper example board. GH_Python Code: ### –Written by Gene Ting-Chun Kao– ### ghenv.Component.Message = "written by +GENEATCG" import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs import Rhino as […]

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